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ISO 9001:2015 accredited business offering an ample array of Jewelry Scales, Vortex Mixers, etc.
About Us

Empowered by the extensive industrial experience of our parent group, OHAUS, Ohaus Weighing India Pvt. Ltd., is excelling in the weighing scale domain as a manufacturer and supplier of Vortex Mixers, Plastic Pipettes, Water Analysis Meters, Jewelry Scales, Bench Scales, Analytical Balances and allied equipment. Incorporated in the year 2006, our company focuses on continuous improvement by constantly investing in advanced resources. With our dedicated efforts, we have established a strong foothold in the Indian market. Our state-of-the-art R&D facility supports us in incorporating the modern business strategies with which we can obtain the desired results not only in the form of our products, but remarkable customer support services.

The OHAUS Advantage

Our parent group, OHAUS has come a glorious way from being a small scale repair business to be recognized as an undisputed leading company in the weighing industry. We have been renowned to produce safe, reliable and precise scales, laboratory equipment and analytical instruments since the year 1907 when Gustav and Karl laid the foundation stone of our business. With time, we have evolved, thereby ensuring we not only fulfill the requirements of our clients, but foresee their future needs and work accordingly to fulfill those, as well. The Ohaus advantage is built on our business principles of Agility, Commitment, Ingenuity and Trust.

  • Agility: Understanding the requirements of our customers is considered our hallmark. With this, we have specialized in bringing forth Jewelry Scales, Vortex Mixers and allied weighing equipment. Our R&D and modern manufacturing processes support us in evolving with the preferences of our customers and market trends.
  • Commitment: Customer support service is more than answering queries of customers. It is an ongoing commitment that involves technical advice, educational offerings, training, webinars, marketing insights, attention to every detail, etc. By being attentive, comprehensive and attentive, we are committed to offer the best services to our customers.
  • Trust: Our precision in work has helped us develop a large customer base across 20 countries covering 6 continents. With different customers, circumstances, job specifications and languages vary, but neither the precision in our work nor the trust our customers have on us.
  • Ingenuity: Ingenuity: Focusing on pinpoint precision and easy usage, we are called ingeniously practical. We also work relentlessly to meet International standards of accuracy, safety and quality.

Timeline of Parent Group

Our group has experience of over a century. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that no other brand has such an immense knowledge of bringing forth quality Vortex Mixers, Jewelry Scales and allied products like OHAUS.


Milestones Achieved


This year Gustav OHAUS was determined to forgo his promising career in the gray iron foundry to rise as successful trained scale mechanic like his father, Karl. Their early years of business were all about repairing scales in Newark, NJ.


Introduced OHAUS Harvard Trip Balance in the market.


Incorporated business as Newark Scale Works and first production of equipment began.


Patented Self-aligning agate bearing which was specially designed to minimize friction and enhance balance longevity.


Launched the first die-case base.


Another factory was opened to meet the increasing requirements for laboratory equipment created during World War II.


Incorporated as OHAUS Scale Corporation.


Established new factory in Union, NJ.


Launched Cent-O-Gram overhead triple beam balance.


Introduced the first ever Dial-O-Gram balance.


Incorporated magnetic damping in low-cost reloading products, thereby, rendering rapid results.


Another model of Dial-O-Gram was introduced and won Master Designs Award from Product Engineering Magazine.


Introduced an array of school balances which are simplified to be easily used by students.


Launched Gustav OHAUS Award program to honor teachers for their excellent commitment.


We sponsored first Supershoot which has now become an Internationally recognized target competition.


Introduced Metric Teaching Aids to simplify temperature, linear, mass and volumetric concepts. We also opened offices in Germany and England.


Launched first line of precision electronic balances with digital reading.


Launched Port-O-Gram, the first laboratory portable equipment.


Launched first electronic balance for determining moisture and opened offices in Mexico.


Changed the name of our company to OHAUS Corporation for broadening our position and launched first-of-its kind E series Electronic Top Loading Balance.


Opened office in Japan to fulfill requirements of Eastern locations.


ISO 9001 for our headquarters in Florham Park, NJ.


Launched first modular balances called Voyager and Explorer.


Established offices in China and Korea.


Opened another office in Nanikon, Switzerland and celebrate our 00th anniversary of Gustav OHAUS Award program.


A new series under the name New Ranger was launched that included compact industrial bench scales.


Founded new headquarters in Pine Brook, New Jersey.


Launched precious gems that includes Jewelry Scales for Jewelry market.


New Pro Series of balances under the name The Scout Pro, AdventurerTM Pro and Voyager Pro.


Celebrated our 100th business anniversary.


Expanded our product portfolio.


Shifted our corporate headquarters to Parsipanny, New Jersey.


Launched the Explorer array of precision and analytical balances.


Our product portfolio grew this year.


Introduced OHAUS Starter Series and strengthened our electro-chemistry product portfolio.


With the introduction of first-ever non-measurement product, the Frontier line of centrifuges, we expanded our market reach.


Launched Next Generation of Scout Portable Balances.

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